Client Raves

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“Working with Manus for the photos of our wedding was a joy.  The photos were beautifully shot.  Manus did an incredible job of documenting the day, and capturing the joy of Sandee and I and our many guests.  The best compliment I can give a photographer is to recommend them to other people.  I have paid Manus this compliment many times in the past and will continue to recommend his services to anyone looking for a quality photographer.”

Todd + Sandee

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“My husband and I were married October 9, 2010 in Benicia, Ca.  Manus was our photographer for both our engagement and wedding photos.  We had originally chosen a photographer that a friend recommended but unfortunately they were booked on our wedding day. That photographer recommended Manus.  We are so grateful that things worked out the way they did because we couldn’t be happier with how our pictures turned out.

We knew at the first meeting with Manus that he was not only a very kind person but was passionate about his work as well.  I remember he explained that he would attempt to tell our story through the photographs and that’s exactly what he did.  Manus always made us feel very comfortable which allowed us to truly relax during the photo shoots.  It even started raining during our engagement session and Manus was able to make the best of it! The best part of all was how surprised I was after seeing our wedding photos.  I don’t remember even noticing him or his partner that day, yet somehow they seemed to capture every moment as if they were right next to us.  What a talent!”

Jason + Gina
Crystal Springs Golf Course Wedding Sparklers

“My wife and I are very grateful we hired Manus as our wedding photographer. Even during our reception, guests were making comments about how they were appreciating the photographer and asking who he was. We have happily given several referrals for Manus since then. He is very professional, respectful, detail oriented and thoughtful. Manus will take excellent care of you on your big day.”

Jarrod + Addie

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