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Back in August, I attend Jesh’s workshop in San Francisco called life (as an artform).  It was held at the studio of Maria and Robyn.  There was a small group of photographers from all parts of the world.  There were many local bay area photographers, few from Southern California, Seattle, and even Australia.  Many friendships were formed from this workshop.  I now have a few more people that I would label as my friends.  This workshop wasn’t your typical photography workshop. Yes there was discussion on marketing, technical camera stuff, but a majority of it was focused on life.  The use of life in your photography… putting more life into your photography…  All the values that I hold in life, I never thought I would apply it to photography.  This opened up a whole new world for me.  This workshop has changed lives.  Many past attendees have testified on their blogs.  It’s encouraging!  For me, it was a great blessing to be apart of it for it has altered how I view things through the lens.  Be life giver.  Give life (through the lens).

Here are a few snaps from the workshop.  I was paired up with Andi and Jose Villa for the exercises.

I met Jose at OSP West (conference) 2 years ago when he was leading a group of us on a portrait session.  I learned a lot from him.  He was named one of the Top Ten Photographers in the World by American Photo.  It was great to see him again.

I met Andi at the workshop and was able to 2nd shoot with her on a wedding last month.  She’s was great to work with.  Oh.. forgot to mention… she was like 7 months pregnant while shooting the wedding.  Crazy.

Jesh DeRox

Andi Hatch

Jose Villa

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