Fong Brother Printing


Project Overview

  • Refreshed the company logo.
  • Produced new collateral for new large printing department


Lessons Learned

  • Be flexible.  The company relies on customer jobs.  Their stuff will probably print before yours.
  • Plan ahead.  The production floor is a tight ship.  Work around the schedule.



Fong Brothers Printing Inc. is a family own business that has been around for over 40 years.  As new technology developed and the industry constantly evolving, they needed to update their collateral and refresh their logo.  They hired me on as a graphic designer and I worked closely with the marketing team.


The first few items we worked on was the logo and marketing materials.  I had some limitations on what I could do with the logo.  The company wanted to keep the same letter design “FB” and apply it to the newly refreshed logo.  After many iterations we came up with the final one with the final PMS colors.


Another area of the company we worked with was the Large Format Printing.  They invested in new equipment and needed to get this team up and running.  We worked on a brochures, material swatches and tradeshow graphics.


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