Good Teachers

This post will be only words.  I wanted to thank the photographers and teachers that helped me get started.  I think of all the art teachers at College of San Mateo and San Jose State.  From Art 101 (beginning drawing) to Color Theory, to Life Drawing, 2D Design, and so on.  These fine art classes helped me in my photo career.  I think of all my photo teachers as well.  Here’s the list:

  • Arthur Takayama – My first black and white photography class.
  • Brian Taylor – He was my photo history and my intermediate b/w teacher. Here we got introduced to Fiberbased paper. Quality Silver Gelatin prints!
  • Yvonne D Williams – Studio Lighting. This class was challenging and expensive. Remember film? We’d shoot and wait a few days before we can see the results. 4×5 transparency film is not cheap but it was worth it
  • Sandra Frank – Photo Illustration. She taught is how to story tell and illustrate with our photography. Awesome teacher.
  • Reed Estrabrook – Color Photography. Coming over from b/w film, color was a whole new beast.
  • Robin Lasser – Image and Idea. This class really fun. We had a gallery show at the end of the semester. I shot about 40 rolls of 120 b/w film for this class to get 4 great images. Just image how much and how long it took. But I did get those cool 4 shots.
  • Robert Dawson – Advanced B/W. I swear I tried every single b/w film in this class. This class was probably the most challenging class. I shot 35mm, 120, and 4×5 black and white film. It was a great variety of mediums and different types of films. There was a benefit of trying a gazillion types of b/w films. I discovered a few favorites. Neopan 1600, Ilford 3200, Ilford SFX, and Agfa 25 (discontinued but I know there is 1 roll in the fridge. It’s about 6 years old but I might pull it out someday)
  • Steve Kiser – Photograph Business. Pretty much everything I need to know.
  • Ken Light – Documentry Photography. This was probably one of my favorite classes. This was the class that taught me how to tell a story through my photographs.

Ok just 1 photo.  Here’s a photo of Duncan Hall.  Where I lived during my photo classes.

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