Happy Thanksgiving!

There is so much to be thankful for…  it is so easy to take for granted the things we have… even the necessities.  I can remember 6 months ago, we got a call from our neighbor during dinner.  He asked if we had any running water.  My initial thought was “of course we have it”.  I checked and there was no running water.  “What on earth are we going to do??”  It was hard to live with out running water for a day but we were appreciative of what we did have.  I was glad we had bottled water to brush our teeth.  OJ and toothpaste didn’t sound like a good mix.  I was thankful that I had membership to 24 hour fitness because I ended up showering there the next morning. :)  (Kind of random but that came to mind when I thought of thanksgiving.)

This thanksgiving, we went down to the Tenderloin in San Francisco and served with the SF Rescue Mission.  Every year they have a block party and serve the community.  We started a few years back and hope to keep this as a tradition in our family.  There are many people that are less fortunate than us… we do what we can to help them out.  We (Annette, Julia, Darren and Grace) packed groceries and handed them out to people as they were picking up their hot meal.  I saw a few people photographing in the crowd.  All I had on me was my point and shoot and I photographed during the little down time we had.  Please enjoy the photos and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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