Master your Craft

I had the opportunity to attend this awesome seminar. Two of the top wedding photographers in 1 room… for 1 day.. sharing knowledge, tips and techniques to master your craft. I had a lot fun. It was really cool to meet Mike Colon finally. I follow his blog and have gotten to know him through it. Mike is a really awesome guy. He’s very genuine and very encouraging. Mike is so down to earth. Not to mention Bob Davis is just as down to earth. This seminar was just cool. They weren’t showing off their stuff or saying “look how good I am” but they were just real people who wanted to give. Bob was the photographer who shot Tony Parker and Eva Longoria’s wedding. I was able to see Bob speak at WPPI last year as well. Bob knows his stuff. The seminar was sweet. It was just nice to hear their stories, their experience, and their passion. Can’t beat that.

I took a picture with Mike but not with Bob. I also saw Albert who was my classmate from one of my photo classes.

Mike and Bob.

Bob Davis

My fellow photographer Albert.

Mike Colon.

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