Paris, France

Paris! Net and I went to Paris in January. We wanted to squeeze in a trip before Julia came. We always wanted to go to Europe and found that January was the best time. Christmas was just too busy for us. We stayed in Paris for about 5 nights. We got to see almost all the touristy sights. We jam packed 3 days of sights and the last few days were just relaxing. We were able to go to the street markets on Sunday. The produce over there was so fresh. Everything is so expensive but the quality is great. You pay for what you get…

Musee de Louvre

Along the Sienne

Musee D’Orsay


Tour Effel

Nice shot from the Tour Effel

We took a boat tour. Road along the Sienne.


Rue Mouffetard – They close the street on Sundays and have street markets.

Rue Mouffetard

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