I’m back! It’s been a while and I apologize for not keeping up with the blog. The holiday season at work kept me on my toes – I can’t believe how hard my department worked!! Long story short it was busy, but thankfully we made it through. Here are a few updates…

OSP West

In February, I had a change to meet up with a bunch of West Coast photographers. It was great meeting new people and learning from top notch photographers in the area. I had the opportunity to meet Jose Villa, John Michael Cooper, Gene Higa, Ann Hamilton, Mark Edgington, Jilllian Kay, Nichanh Peterson, Colin Michael, Dustin Izatt, David Ham, and many more.

We attended seminars on marketing (Jefferson Todd), search engine optimization (Erik Dungan), album design (Robin Pesa), destination weddings (Gene Higa), etc.; loads of information but was well worth it. I felt like being in college again! We also had the opportunity to do a few photo shoots with models lined up for the weekend. Though the rain started coming down, the models were such good sports. Some of the shots are shown below.

All in all, I’m so glad I went. Made some friends. Met amazing photographers. Just a blessing to have crossed paths. We all had one thing in common‚Ķ well three: A passion for photography, an eagerness to learn and be a better photographer and lastly, to share and help each other out.

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