Tiny Prints



  • Created photographic content for website, online banners, marketing emails, online media, marketing campaigns, catalogs, magazine ads and print collateral.
  • Coordinated and managed off site photo shoots which included both lifestyle and product photography.
  • Worked cross functionally with other teams including Creative Directors, Marketing managers to produce necessary creative and marketing content including lifestyle photo shoots and corporate portraits.


Lessons Learned

  • Start ups move fast!  Work hard and keep pace.
  • Constant communication with your team is a must.
  • Quick creativity.  Have options and be flexible.

Full Story

Tiny Prints Inc. was a bootstrapped e-commerce brand selling custom, premium stationery. I was fortunate to be on the boat in the beginning stages.  Soon after the creative director was hired, I transitioned from production designer and joined the creative team as photographer.

Tiny Prints as a whole had 3 brands.  Their main markets were baby/invites/holiday, wedding and greeting cards.  I was in charge of the weekly homepage and landing page refreshes.


A challenge we had was photographing a 2D product and in 3D space.  We incorporated and styled props and used a variation of card positions to tell a story.  Another challenge we had was space.  Due to space budgets, we started off with a supply closet and eventually took over a conference room with a window for our studio space.  Moving from a low budget continuous lighting system to a more airy natural light look was more on brand.  I was excited that we were moving in this direction.

We soon developed a style, branding guidelines and shooting angles.  This helped with the hierarchy of the website photography.  Homepage hero images should be more impactful than a category page hero.  As a whole, with these guides set in place, this helped with efficiency in our process – from merchandising choosing the correct cards for the layout to the copywriter knowing how much space to work with.


With all that being said and done, we were able to move forward with a good infrastructure.  As new products would develop, we just added to what we had.



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