Vanessa + Chris Engagement Session











I had a great time at this engagement session.  Vanessa and Chris are such a fun couple and so much in love.  I’m excited to shoot their wedding this summer!
The day started at Stanford University.  We ventured around the campus and I managed to find some sweet spots. The lighting that day was beautiful. The arches, long hallways and the columns all demonstrate the awesome architecture and design the campus has… all perfect for some artistic shots. There were a lot of tourists visiting that day so we had to strategically avoid them. We also stopped by the Cantor Museum which is located on campus.  It was my first time there and wow… it is a beautiful museum and there is no charge to go in. I would highly recommend checking it out if you have a chance.
After we finished the shoot on the campus we headed to downtown Palo Alto.  I had this crazy idea while driving to shoot a few fun shots over by Facebook. I was thinking of something different and the shots turned out great. Vanessa and Chris are so fun and were good at following  directions. They are also happily in love which makes it that much easier on a photographer. The weather was gorgeous and it was just an  awesome day!
Last but not least, we made a pit stop for frozen yogurt. Yum! Congrats again, Vanessa and Chris – we can’t wait to see you tie the knot! Enjoy the photos!

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